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These days, it feels as if nothing is difficult until you introduce an e-commerce site.
By filling out the application form, you can get a system to sell things online.
But that alone won't sell the product.
It's free, it's cheap, and it's easy, so I tried making it, but what should I do from here?
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We will propose an e-commerce site that meets your needs.
We are not just a production company, we are professionals who have been involved in EC site management for over 20 years.
We can provide comprehensive support from EC site creation to operational support and consulting.
We also respond to requests for just production, just management support, and just consulting.

What We Are
Good At

What We Are Good At

  • Selection and creation of appropriate EC site (platform)
  • Increase awareness of products and services
  • EC site management agency and consulting
  • Rich design templates
  • Expand sales channels overseas

Selection and creation of appropriate EC site (platform)

Which e-commerce site you should use will depend on the products you handle and your target customer group. It would be good to open a store in a large e-commerce mall or shopping site, but the high fees will put pressure on profit margins. Choose the appropriate platform and expand your sales channels.

Increase awareness of products and services

We will help you increase awareness of your products and services using digital marketing methods, which is our specialty. We will propose the optimal method for your products and services, content marketing, SNS operation, etc., and also handle the actual work on your behalf.

EC site management agency and consulting

Even if you have a system, if you can't operate it properly, sales won't increase. We provide management agency or consulting to effectively utilize useful tools. Let's make the most of our resources and expand sales.

Rich design templates

By using the rich design templates provided for each platform, you can instantly create an EC site that incorporates your favorite design. If you don't have a template that you like, we are originally a web design company, so we can create one from scratch.

Expand sales channels overseas

Gone are the days when Japanese companies were able to make money based solely on domestic demand. A super-aging society that will accelerate further. Measures are urgently needed.
Japan is home to many world-class technologies and contents. First of all, by creating an English-compatible e-commerce site and posting content in English on a daily basis, the number of accesses from overseas will increase dramatically. Since the population is different in the first place, many people are surprised by the increase in the number of accesses.
Providing information in English can make all the difference in the results.

120 million people vs 1.5 billion people

Japan's population is approximately 120 million, and 1.5 billion people speak English.
In November 2022, the world's population will exceed 8 billion people.
The Japanese market is only about 1/67th of that.
You have a chance to deliver your products and services to more people and around the world.
By providing information in English, a completely different stage than before may be waiting for you.
I don't know.

Providing information in English will change the results.

Compatible with blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and all other SNS.
Delta Tribe will disseminate information to the world on your behalf.