System Development

System development

With a flexible development system,
create an ideal system.

We develop the systems that our customers truly need, drawing on the specialized knowledge of our development members who have accumulated high technology over many years.
We understand your business and business flow and build the optimal system that meets your objectives.
We also have a track record of migrating from on-premises to the cloud and developing cloud systems from scratch.
Also, don't worry if you are not satisfied with the design (UI/UX) created by a system company.
We are also a company whose strength is design, so we promise to provide high quality UI/UX designs.
We work closely with our customers to develop and provide the systems they truly need.

Manufacturing industry/core business system development

Production management, logistics management, financial management, sales management, design management, sales support, quality control,

Has knowledge of budget management, cost control, man-hour management, etc., and is capable of developing on-site contract development and lump-sum contract development (take-home to the company).

WEB content development Others

Various cloud services, EC sites, streaming, email distribution, message boards, blogs, site searches, etc.

Construction of services for end users, various log analysis, SEO measures, CMS implementation, etc., construction of services for content managers, etc.

In addition, nursing support system development, IDM introduction support, etc.

  • Work phases can be handled from upstream processes to system establishment maintenance operations.
  • The resident ratio at the user site is about 1/3 to 1/4
  • We have a track record of remote maintenance from our company to the user's site using VPN.
Maintain technical knowledge
  • Server: IA server
  • OS : Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
  • DB : Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSDE, ACCESSなど
  • Language: HTML/CSS/javascript/PHP/Java/Ruby/C/C++/.NET

System development flow

The flow of system development can be broadly divided into five stages: requirements definition, design, programming, testing, and release/operation/maintenance.

We will proceed with development by selecting a waterfall type or an agile type according to the customer's requirements.


First, please tell us your requirements. Think about what kind of system would be best to introduce.

Arrangement of essentials

We will create and share a system configuration diagram and list of functions.

*Detailed requirements definition will be performed in ⑤ Design.

Estimate - Contract

We will create a detailed estimate that is not a set list and explain the meaning of the costs. Once we reach an agreement, we will sign a contract.


We incorporate the scope of systemization into specifications based on requirements definition, and perform an optimal and detailed system design with no excess or deficiency.


We will proceed with development while sharing the actual screen with the customer for confirmation at each step.


We check whether the system is built according to specifications and whether the required functions and performance are met.

Delivery (release)

The customer will be asked to operate the system and perform an acceptance inspection to ensure that the system is working properly according to specifications.


We maintain and manage the stable operation of the system, and promptly perform recovery work in the event of a system failure due to a breakdown.