Portfolio HANJYO CLUB (Business Association)


HANJYO CLUB (Business Association)


We were in charge of renewing the website of HANJYO Club, a business association.

Graphic designer Mr. Takahiro Sakamoto was in charge of the main design, including the slider’s main visual (main image, etc.) and various banners.

Since this is a site that requires regular updates, we have devised various ways to make updating the content as easy as possible.


We have built a system that allows HANJYO club members to easily add, delete, and update information on restaurants, shops, salons, etc. run by them using the posting function.

Additionally, the site allows you to update data on each team (branch), meeting schedules, member interviews, etc.

Since it is assumed that the slider image will be updated once every six months, it is possible to update it by drag and drop on WordPress Dashboard.